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Dr. Phil Meets the Octuplets

Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets plus six other kids, joins Dr. Phil to continue her first interview in front of a live audience. No one, outside of the immediate family and hospital staff, has ever met the octuplets … until now. And, see the amazing surprises for Nadya and her children.

Dr. Phil Visits the Eight Babies




Dr. Phil meets Nadya Suleman's octuplets. He and Nadya visit the babies in the hospital, where they have spent the first six weeks of their lives. The Dr. Phil show makes every effort to follow proper hospital procedure, and to ensure that the babies are not exposed to any germs or health dangers. As they approach the area where the babies reside, Dr. Phil says, "I understand the news is good on all fronts."

Nadya confirms. "They're so healthy. They're doing great," she says. "Six of them are bottle-feeding completely."

The two scrub in as if they're doctors entering the operating room, although Dr. Phil is not allowed to touch the babies. He meets Noah, the first baby to be born, and the only baby with blond hair.

"He's so perfect in every feature," Dr. Phil says. 

He then meets Maliyah, who weighs close to four pounds; Isaiah, the largest baby and the first who will come home; Nariyah, who opens her eyes and looks around; Makai, the baby Nadya didn't know she was carrying; Jeremiah, who weighs around three pounds, and Josiah, who weighs two-and-a-half pounds.

"They all breathe really well on their own," the proud mom says. "To me, they look bigger every day."

"They look tiny to me," Dr. Phil comments.

Four of the babies are ready to come home, but Nadya will only bring home two at a time so she can get settled with them, and then add the others two at a time.


"They are incredibly sweet and beautiful babies," Dr. Phil says.

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