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Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed

Is it wrong to go dating for dollars? Dr. Phil’s guests say if you want to court them, you have to pay to play!

A Taste of Their Own Medicine



"You worry if they're interested in you or your money," Dr. Phil sympathizes with the NFL star.

"That's what happens," Dwight replies. "All of your stuff is public knowledge. They can just go on Google, type your name in and bam. It pops up right there."

"Are they interested in me or just sex? Same thing," Baje chimes in. 

"Do you agree with that?" Dr. Phil asks Dwight.

"Not really. I'm sure there are guys who are just worried about that, but there are a lot of guys who are not, who go out there and just want to meet a person and have a relationship develop," he replies.

Dr. Phil asks Baje if she sends the wrong signal. "You say that's all men are interested in, but yet you dress in a way that just says sex, sex, sex."

"Sometimes, I get the same approach when I'm in flip flops and sweats," Baje answers.

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