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How to Have More Sex, Less Fighting

Has sex moved to the bottom of your priority list, far below sleep, work and taking care of the kids? If so, your relationship needs to be resuscitated! Rabbi Shmuley Boteach joins Dr. Phil in helping couples reprioritize.

The Secrets of Eroticism


When Dr. Phil asks for an example, Rabbi Shmuley says, "I think that husbands would be taken aback by the degree to which their wives fantasize about other men, and they hide this from their husbands because they don't think the very brittle male [ego] can handle it."

"Well, that is tough on men. You ask your wife, ‘Want to have sex?' and she's like, ‘Nah, I can't really think of anybody,'" Dr. Phil jokes.

"Well, that's a lot better than the men. Eighty percent of husbands admit to thinking about other women while making love to their wives, so here you are, in the closest physical proximity to your wife, but in your mind you're doing a guest appearance at a Victoria's Secret fashion show," he says.

"Eighty percent? So that means there are 20 percent of us who don't do that," Dr. Phil says, looking at his wife.

Dr. Phil asks about the title of Rabbi Shmuley's book, The Kosher Sutra: Eight Sacred Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Restoring Passion for Life.

"The Kama Sutra is the world's most famous sex book, and it gives you all these ideas for positions, but it misses the most essential ingredient which is, if you have no desire to even implement even one of those positions, then what's the point of the book? The Kosher Sutra is the step before the Kama Sutra," Rabbi Shmuley explains.
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