A Terrifying Ordeal



"I got her a cell phone when she was about 11. Kyra is on her cell phone constantly," says her mother, Wendy. "She was texting on her phone and found a way to get into a chat room. She ended up talking to an older man. He portrayed himself as 20."


"The actual truth was that I was 12; he was 22," says Kyra, who is now 13. She says the man convinced her to sneak out of the house. "I went down to the park by my house. He comes up in his Mustang. We drive around to the other side of the park, in the parking lot. That's when he locks all of the doors, and he pushes me in the backseat. That's when he, like, rapes me."


When Wendy contacted the authorities, she was put in touch with Detective Mike Harris, who set up a sting for the alleged rapist. "Mike had let Kyra start chatting with [the man] again. She coaxed him out. He was captured that very next day," Wendy reports. Now she says she feels guilty for allowing her daughter to have a cell phone. "I never, in a million years, thought I would be putting something dangerous in my child's hands. I mean, she could have died."


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