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Crazy Teen Trends

From sexting to playing the punch-out game, teens are engaging in outrageous trends. Reina says she racked up 14,528 texts in one month. And, meet a 12-year-old who sends risqué text messages.





"The first time I caught our daughter sexting, she had taken a picture of herself in a bikini and sent it to a boyfriend," says Gwen.


Her husband, Mike, describes some of the inappropriate messages they discovered in their 12-year-old's phone: "'Do you really want to kiss?' 'Do you want to [expletive],'" he says. "We discussed this with her, and she acted as if this is just the way people talk now."


"This is one of the texts we found," Gwen says, holding up her child's phone. The message reads: "Send me a pic of U naked."


"For some reason, I know that I'm not supposed to do stuff, but I don't really seem to care," says their daughter, whose identity is not revealed.


"The next time we caught her sexting is when the school called us and said that an inappropriate picture had been passed around," Gwen says. "She was wearing a bra and panties, with her jeans around her ankles and with her legs spread apart."


"I was surprised at how provocative the picture was," Mike says.


"I guess I just do it to get attention," says the girl.


"We found a video on her phone where she was dressed up like a prostitute," Mike says, visibly distraught. "It was very disturbing. I was shocked to see that it had gone that far."

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