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The Wild, Wild Web

Social networking Web sites like Facebook and MySpace are great for meeting people, but they’re also the source of much controversy. Do the dangers of these sites outweigh their benefits? Dr. Phil takes a look at the latest issues to crop up on the digital frontier.

Friend or Fantasy?




"I came across Matthew Perry's page and added him as a friend," says Kirsty, "and within about a day he added me back. He would answer right away any questions I would ask about Friends, his career, where he grew up. That made me believe that yes, this could be he. Pretty fast it became very intense, where we would message a dozen times a day, complimenting me. He sent me flowers a few times. He would tell me that he loved me. I would tell him that I loved him. A lot of times Matthew would talk about how much better things would be when we were together. When my husband found out and demanded that I end the relationship, it was very difficult to resist, so my husband and I separated."

Sitting down with Kirsty for the first time, Dr. Phil says, "I have so many questions I don't know where to start. Why did you think that Matthew Perry would be on Facebook chatting you up for 11 months?"

"In the back of my mind I flip-flopped back and forth," she explains. "I did have a lot of conversations that weren't specifically about him being Matthew Perry. That wasn't what it was based on. It was more about our everyday " or my everyday life."

"Do you have friends in your real-world life?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Yes," Kristy says with a smile.

"Did they say, 'Come on. You're not talking to Matthew Perry. This is some nut job telling you they're somebody they're not'?" he asks.

"Yes, they did say that," she says. "It got to a point where I was so involved, I wanted to find out the truth, and I wanted to find out who it was and why they would invest so much time, you know, talking to me."

"But, you bought into the fantasy, though," Dr. Phil says skeptically.

"At first," she says, "absolutely."

"And, you were married," says Dr. Phil. "And what impact did this have on your marriage?"

"I had had problems in my marriage before this," she says. "My marriage had been going downhill for quite a while, for a few years, and I think that's why I let myself become involved, because it was somebody who would listen to me, somebody who would pay me attention, somebody who would send me flowers, somebody who sent me a necklace, somebody there who would give me advice and ask how my day was, and that sort of thing."

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