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Little Boy Lost

Toni says she can’t stop grieving the loss of her son, who began transitioning into a female at age 11. What would you do if your little boy wanted to be a girl? The heated discussion continues.

Mourning Her Son




Dr. Nicolosi asks, "How did the dad deal with the boy wanting to be female? When he would act feminine, how did he deal with it?"

"We just dealt with it. I tried to say, ‘No, I'm not doing this anymore,'" she says. "He dealt with it like I did. The child was adamant. This is what he wanted, and we tried to do everything unisex, as much as you could do unisex."

"This is different than what we would do at our clinic," Dr. Nicolosi says to Dr. Phil. "We would involve the father more. We would encourage a bonding between the father and the son. We would discourage " not to shame the child " but to discourage the feminine interests, really build up his boy identity, make him feel good as a boy, and get Mother out of her over-enmeshment with the boy."

"My son I was not close to at all, my second son," she argues. "As a matter of fact, that's how my fiancé became so close to him, because I wasn't close to him, I wasn't enmeshed with him. So, I really think your theory sucks."

"The question that I'm interested in " "

"I just want to see your results," Toni says to Dr. Nicolosi, defensively. "Where are your 16-year-olds now?"

"This is not just your position with transgendered children, you also believe the same thing in terms of gay and lesbian as well," Dr. Phil says to Dr. Nicolosi, noting that he has written a book titled A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. "You deal with that in your practice, correct?"

"Yes," Dr. Nicolosi says. "It's a little different because the approach is different, but in the case of the GID [gender identity disorder] condition, it's working with the parents, and again, we see this over-involved relationship with the mother."

"Many of the strategies embraced there are the same that you're talking about here," Dr. Phil says, referring to homosexual children.

"Yeah," he says.

"Although you don't consider [transgender] children to be gay."

"But there's a 75 percent predictor that they will be homosexual, or bisexual or transgendered," Dr. Nicolosi says.

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