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"Bring Back My Child"

It's a parent's worst nightmare: a child being kidnapped. But are you prepared for the possibility that your spouse or ex could flee with your kid? Dr. Phil's guests describe the agony of searching for their children who were abducted by their exes.

Fighting to Bring Home His Son




David's story recently took a tragic turn.

"My friend called me and said, ‘David, you need to sit down,' and they said that Bruna passed away," David remembers. "My first reaction was, oh my God. My poor son. He's lost his mom. Since I'm his surviving biological parent, he's coming home. It's over, and unfortunately, it didn't work out that way."


David flew to Brazil and learned that Bruna had remarried. "Her new Brazilian husband had filed to remove my name from a Brazilian birth certificate and replace my name on the birth certificate with his own, to erase me ever being Sean's father," David explains. "They pretty much made communication and contact non-existent, maybe I'd get a phone call from [Sean]."


David is devastated. "What they're doing is inhuman. This guy's an animal. My deceased wife and her family are people without conscience," David declares. "How can they just not send Sean home? This guy is no blood relation to my son. Sean needs to be home immediately!"


"I'm kind of speechless about this," Dr. Phil says to David in studio. "Did you have any inkling that she was going to do something like this at all?"

"I had no clue that this was an idea for anyone to do to any kid, let alone my own wife," he says.


"What does the government say? How does the Hague Treaty figure into this?" Dr. Phil asks.

"The Hague Treaty should have had my son home six weeks after his original abduction," David says. "If they let this fellow get away with this, they're going to have to change the whole foundation of the Brazilian legal system to enable people to just kidnap anybody's child off the street, go to Brazil, and then they'll be safe haven in Brazil."

Dr. Phil contacted Sean's Brazilian stepfather for a statement, but his office said he had no comment, and Brazilian law prohibits him from speaking.

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