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"Bring Back My Child"

It's a parent's worst nightmare: a child being kidnapped. But are you prepared for the possibility that your spouse or ex could flee with your kid? Dr. Phil's guests describe the agony of searching for their children who were abducted by their exes.

Fighting to Bring Home His Son




"I felt blessed. I had a wife whom I loved, and adored and cherished, and I had my beautiful son whom I loved more than anything in the world," David says of his life four years ago. But his world was turned upside down on June 16, 2004. "I drove [my wife] Bruna and Sean " who was just 4 at the time " to the airport for a planned two-week vacation in Brazil. I was supposed to go down at the end of the vacation and come back with Bruna and Sean, and I remember watching Bruna push Sean down the jetway, and that was the last time I saw them."


David says the following day he received a phone call from Bruna. "She said, ‘Our marriage is over. I've decided to live in Brazil. You need to come down here immediately to sign full custody of Sean,' to her," David recalls. "I remember thinking oh, my God. What is this? Where is this coming from? The person whom I loved and envisioned loving for the rest of my life " until death do us part " turned out to be a monster ... I had no idea that they had these plans to take Sean from his home here and from me."


Father and son have not seen each other in over four years. "I've jumped through every hoop that's been required of me to get Sean home," he says. "It's indescribable; the constant anguish, and pain and longing. I have to be reunited with my son. There's still a fear that I may never see him again. That's an awful, awful thing to live with."


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