"My name is Donald. I'm a recovering meth addict. Coming from 25 years of drug addiction, others would probably describe me as pretty much a lost cause. Anything that I can do to make up for 25 years of abuse to my body and mind and life, I consider it extremely important."

Don tells Dr. Phil, "I'm having a hard time with some guilt issues, some depression. I have almost 14 months of sobriety now, and I'm afraid the guilt will lead me back into addiction."

"What are you feeling so guilty about?"

"The way I acted on drugs, my criminal background, things I did to my family, mainly," he says.

"How'd you hurt them?"

Don takes a deep breath.

"Can't change what you don't acknowledge," Dr. Phil points out.

"I destroyed them. I stole from them. I lied to them. I wasn't there for them. I just … I let them down," he says.

"Are you afraid of being judged by these people for talking about what you're talking about: meth, criminal background, hurting the family?"


"Even though you look clean cut, all-American as you stand here today, there is a dark side they haven't seen," Dr. Phil says.

Don has financial trouble. "In 1998, I was served and went to child support court. And, I didn't get the paperwork on time, so the judge automatically awarded her child support. For 10 years, the child support has been building up to the tune of $28,000. And out of the blue, three months ago I got a call from social services, and they court ordered a DNA test. I'm not the father. So I'm starting my new life $28,000 in debt. And it gets a little depressing. I'm trying to battle that right now."

"Are you a survivor?"


"Is this retreat the time for you, with the help of everybody in this room, to make your peace with you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I believe it is, yeah."