Caught in the Middle



"You caught him eight times after he said it was over," Dr. Phil says to Kathy. "If all you had to do was file some papers, don't you wish you had done that seven times ago?"

"No, actually, because I would not know what I know today, which is what I just heard. Basically, he hasn't taken any of it seriously before, and he didn't ever mean it. So how could he mean it now?" Kathy asks.

"You're not going to cancel this, are you?" Dr. Phil asks Kathy, about the divorce proceedings.

"No. Not unless I see something more," she says.

Dr. Phil offers them counseling in the meantime. They accept. Angelo vows to keep third parties out of their relationship while they work with a counselor.

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil tells his guests, "It's not an easy thing, but when you do have children and one on the way, it behooves you to take a second look. Truthfully, Angelo, if you want out, you've got to own that and say it. Either do it straight up or don't do it at all. Your kids deserve nothing less. Staying together for the kids, I've never believed that. I've had kids tell me many times that they'd rather be from a broken home than live in one."

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