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As a parent, you are bombarded with dangers your kids can fall prey to like molesters, cyber-stalkers, drugs and bullies. But how far should you go to ensure your child's protection? Where do you draw the line between hovering over your children, and giving them enough freedom to learn independence? Dr. Phil drills down on this hot topic with moms on both sides of the issue.

America's Worst Mom?




"Obviously, every mom wants their kid to have a happy childhood, but for me, that involves some freedom," says Lenore, mother of 9-year-old Izzy. "I let Izzy get some place by himself, go to the park, meet up with a friend without me hovering all the time."


Lenore describes what she sees as problems with "helicopter parents" " moms and dads who hover over their children non-stop. "They always have an eye on their children," she says. "My response to that is to have free-range kids. Going to the store, walking to school, getting a hot dog " these are things that any 9- or 10-year-old is capable of.

"You cannot avoid every situation in life that may end up being dangerous. If they learn how to cross the street by themselves, if they learn how to take the bus, they're capable of it, if we let them do it. But if you never let them do it, they're going to be blithering idiots. A child who doesn't think he can do anything, is told he can't, eventually, really can't."


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