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Real Life: Heart Shattered

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Life is not a success-only journey, and at some point, you may be faced with difficult days that leave you feeling inadequate and out of control. But, you don't have to become a victim. In his new book, "Real Life: Preparing for the 7 Most Challenging Days of Your Life," Dr. Phil teaches you how to prepare for a crisis before it arrives — like the day your heart is shattered by divorce or by the death of a loved one — and how to get back to better days.

Survivng the Loss of Loved One




Sylvia is struggling to pay for bare necessities, because she says her husband's military insurance ran out 22 days before he died. She has always had a job, but can't work now because of her pregnancy. She has less than $300 to her name, and had to move in with her mother. "We both always worked. We've always provided for our own family and we've never accepted handouts from anybody. We've never needed handouts," she says.


"This is a time that you do need to lean on others some," Dr. Phil says. "It is a gift to let people help at a time when somebody whom they love, care about and admire is in a difficult time. If there's someone hurting, and you let somebody help you in some way, I promise you, it's not a burden to them; it's a kindness to them."

To help Sylvia and her daughters during this difficult time, Kroger is supplying the family with a year's worth of groceries. And, The Right Start is donating a $1,000 gift card so Sylvia can purchase items she needs for her new baby, a car seat, and two additional car seats for the twins.


"We also contacted the folks from the Works of Life Ministries," Dr. Phil tells Sylvia. "We just got with them and decided we needed to provide you with a car." She will receive a Chevy Uplander minivan, and a check for $5,000.

"This is a sweet and caring family, and a dedicated and devoted mother," Dr. Phil says of Sylvia. "This, in no way, takes away your loss, but if we can all step up and help a little, then we just wanted to do that."

"Thank you so much," Sylvia says, wiping away tears.


If you would like to help Sylvia and her daughters, click here.

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