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What's Up, Doc? Part Two

Dr. Phil's team of four medical professionals answers all your tough questions!

Uterus Blues

One distraught viewer writes:

Dear Dr. Phil:

I have a huge problem. Two years ago, my uterus dropped completely out of my body. Because of my doctor phobia, I still haven't had the surgery to fix it. My uterus-dropping causes a lot of problems. Forget sex and dating. How can I explain this? It's embarrassing to say, but I have to use tampons to keep my uterus from falling out.

My uterus has affected my life so much. I can never be spontaneous, go work out, or put on a bathing suit. Dr. Phil, I live at the beach! It's very painful, and I can feel it pulling down my other organs. I worry that this can cause an infection.

Dr. Phil, can you help me get over my doctor phobia so I can finally get my uterus fixed?


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