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What's Up, Doc? Part Two

Dr. Phil's team of four medical professionals answers all your tough questions!

Mysterious Morgellons




"There are a lot of symptoms that Morgellons sufferers all seem to share, including a fiber that seems to be coming out of the skin," says Judith, who has battled this disease for 10 years. "The fibers that are in my body will not only shed on their own, but in a sore. They sometimes feel like a sliver, like a little piece of glass. The fibers will fluoresce under a UV light, and you can latch onto those with tweezers and actually pull them right out."

Judith expresses frustration because she says she isn't being taken seriously. "Six doctors suggested I go to a psychiatrist. I have not been to a psychiatrist, because I knew that was not going to be the solution to my problems," she says.

"Whatever my mom has is a real disease. What she has is not in her head. I've seen her progression over four years," says Judith's daughter, Joy. "At her worst, she had a dime-sized open sore on every other inch of her whole body."

"When I gave up on all the local physicians, I asked that they refer me to the Mayo Clinic. After I finished the Mayo treatment, I decided I was all done with conventional physicians," declares Judith. She turns to Dr. Phil for help. "What do we do when we have a serious medical condition and the conventional doctors are totally ignoring us?"

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