"We had no clue that Colton was even curious about sex," LaVon says about her then 9-year-old son. "We were gone three hours. While we were gone, Colton got on the Internet. After we got home, my husband, Bruce, was on the computer."

"I went to Google and looked in the search words and saw ‘naked people' and ‘teen girls,'" Bruce says.

"Each Web site that he clicked to, I think, linked to another Web site," LaVon says. The content was very graphic pornography.

"We asked him if he was playing on the Internet. He knew he was caught," Bruce says.

"Bruce and I spoke with Colton that night probably about three or four hours and just explained to Colton that the images he's seen were not normal," LaVon says. "He kept saying that he was a bad kid, and he felt like he's the only kid who's ever done this, and we just kept reassuring him, ‘No, we still love you.' If we knew that Colton was curious about sex, we would've definitely had the speech with him, explaining the anatomy of the woman and the man. Bruce and I would've made sure that our computer was locked. I for sure would not have left him home. I'm really concerned that this will affect Colton later in life, that he'll think maybe that was the normal situation that you would do with a girl, and he could possibly abuse his sister or any other girl by being interested in this. I would like to think that we did tell him the right things, but I don't know."

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