"When you look at Ashley, you would honestly think that she was older than what she really is. Ashley would wear shirts where her breasts would be showing," Pam says about her 14-year-old daughter.

"I started wearing, like, tight pants, tight shirts," Ashley says. "I always wanted to hang around boys. My mom didn't talk to me about sex until she found out I did it. That was, like, when I was 13."

"Ashley and I fight about her having sex, her respect, her honesty, her lies. We pretty much fight about every single thing," Pam says. "She snuck out of the house to have sex, not once but several times."

"I have only had sex with, like, three boys now," Ashley says.

Her mother thinks differently. "There have been at least six boys that I know of that Ashley has had sex with," she says.

"The first boy I had sex with was 19 years old," Ashley explains.

"I found out that they did it right here in my own house, and she did it behind a store with him," Pam says.

"The second guy was when, I'm trying to think. I can't remember when that one was," Ashley says.

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