Dr. John Chirban joins Dr. Phil to discuss his book, What's Love Got to Do with It: Talking with Your Kids about Sex.

"Tell me what made you write this," Dr. Phil says.

"I think that parents want to be with their kids when they're talking with them about sex, and they're wanting to be with them when they're dealing with issues of love, but yet starting that conversation, getting over that hurdle, is a real problem," Dr. Chirban says. "As soon as that word sex is up, and thinking about how to express it and how to share it, parents pull back, and while that's happening, at the same time " and this is the problem " kids need their parents the most."

"The question is, should kids know about sex or not? The answer is they do know about sex!" Dr. Phil says. He shows an illustration that Dr. Chirban uses in his book, which depicts children in a world that is covered in sexual images as parents hide their heads in the sand. "Isn't that what's going on right now, on the Internet, on the television, on cable? Kids are getting bombarded with all these sexual messages. That's going to be the education if the parents don't step up."

"That's absolutely correct," Dr. Chirban says.

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