Should They Call it Quits?

Dr. Phil addresses Jeremy. "Every relationship needs a hero. They need somebody to step up and take it to another level. Not to be a right fighter, not to justify their behavior, but to say, ‘This relationship needs a hero. I am going to rise above the fray, and I'm going to lead us out of this maze.' That's what you ought to be doing as a husband, and as a father and as a leader in this family, and you are falling short," he tells him. Turning to Jennie, he says, "You have to be honest about things. You have an anger problem. You probably have an eating disorder." He points out that he's not 100 percent certain that she's anorexic, but she practically confirmed it when she became defensive as he asked about it. "People with eating disorders want to be alone with their disease," he says. "You want to pretend that it isn't true, which means you can't change what you don't acknowledge."


Dr. Phil brings up the issue of Jeremy and Jennie dating other people while they were separated. "He says you spent the weekend with some guy at a cabin. He says he saw you kiss this guy. He says that you're talking to him on the phone," he says to Jennie. "Is he lying?"

"No," she says, getting angry. "I honestly feel like I'm really being picked on in this show. I don't think I'm the whole problem."

"Did you miss the part where I just told him he ain't doing his job? He needs to be a leader. He needs to step up. He is falling short of his role," Dr. Phil says. "I want you to hear me say that. I don't want you to think that we're just going to fry you up today, because that's not what this is about. One log won't burn. It takes the two of you to define this so toxically. It takes the two of you to fix this."

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