"My daughter, Lexie, has become obsessed with this online virtual identity game called There," reports Lezlie. "Her real life is boring!"

"I've been playing this game since I was 11," says Lexie, 13. "Basically, all you have to worry about is getting addicted to it."

She shows off her avatar, Brianna. "An avatar is your basic little person that you get to control. You get to customize them however you want. My avatar dresses actually a lot more different than me. It's kind of provocative," she says with a sheepish grin. "These are definitely the kind of clothes I want to wear."

Lexie explains why her virtual world seems real. "There are a lot of people who rely on me, and I can't just get out and leave. I have responsibilities. I'm a club leader. I run businesses. My house, I rent it out for, like, parties and stuff," she says.

"Our home is nice and simple, very humble," Lezlie says. "Lexie's online home is three stories and, like, 20 rooms. She's always having a party every night."

"My mom's car is really craptacular. It's, basically, falling apart," Lexie laughs. "My car, it's a shiny, really beautiful, red sports car. It's my car. I bought it. I am more popular in the virtual world. I think I have, like, 137 friends. I can't even keep track of them all."

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