"She's never had a lot of close friendships," Lezlie reveals. "She's had one really close friend."

Lexie admits that she gets into a lot of fights at school. "It kind of pushes me into a deeper hole, emotionally," she says. "The virtual world is, like, my refuge."

"She's, like, this junkie just sitting in front of the computer, not taking care of her chores," Lezlie complains.

Lexie says she hangs out in her virtual world from the time she wakes up until 6:00 at night. "I've caught her up in the middle of the night when I thought she had already gone to bed. She's, like, one of those crank addicts. She'll do anything to get her fix," Lezlie says. "I'm trying to limit her time, and she's miserable. But what scares me is she's obsessed with this boy now."

Lexie shows off her virtual boyfriend, Neville, who's real-life persona is 13. "We take it really seriously. He told me that he likes me in real life," she gushes. "He said I was hot and stuff. I kind of confessed that I like him too. I want to meet him in person."

"I walked in and found her laying on her virtual bed kissing this boy," Lezlie says, referring to Lexie's avatar, Brianna.

"My mom went psycho-ballistic," she says with a grin. "I've kissed him more than once. I don't even know how many times. It's basically the same as real life."

"I don't really know who she's talking to. That scares me to death because everyone knows about the creeps that are out there," Lezlie says. "This virtual world is so intoxicating and exciting that it's consuming her to the point where I will lose her."

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