Since their appearance on the show, Liz and George have been watching their three deafblind children begin to improve in increments. Mackenzie, an intervenor just like Anne Sullivan was to Helen Keller, began working with Zoe, who was the most troubled of the triplets. Her help has had a positive effect on the entire family.

"Since I was on the Dr. Phil show, my life has changed as an individual, a wife and a mother," Liz says. 

"Zoe is happier," George reports. "Every day she wants to know something new, and Mackenzie is able to show that to her. Zoe has rubbed off on Emma and Sophie. It is truly a miracle."

Liz shares a special moment she had with Zoe. "Mackenzie taught me how to sign to Zoe, and I signed to Zoe and asked her what she wanted to eat, and Zoe signed back to me and said that she wanted a cookie. And when I gave it to her, her little face just lit up, and I started crying because it was the first time we were actually communicating."


Liz and George have also been able to reconnect and save their marriage. "We were able to encourage each other to move toward a more positive direction in our relationship. I've always believed that George and I were soul mates, but now we're acting like soul mates," Liz says happily. "Thanks, Dr. Phil, for understanding the plight of deaf-blindness, and for giving George and me the tools to improve our marriage. I just can't say thanks enough."

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