"Twenty-six years ago, I was stalked by this serial killer, and I am the one that got away," Sarah says. "In 1981, I was 20 years old. I had three daughters: Stephanie, age 5; Julie, age 4; and Carrie, age 3. I moved to Vegas and started working at a gas station. It was a new beginning for me. One of my good friends at work, Cheryl, was dating a man. She found out that he was married, so she decided to end the relationship. When she went home that night, that was the last we saw her.

"Two months after Cheryl went missing, I was transferred. There was a gentleman that started showing up there every morning. He introduced himself to me as Robert. He was a very nice-looking man, and he was very clean cut. He kept asking me to go out with him, and I declined several times, and then finally one day, I told him, ‘OK.' I gave him my address. We set it up for 7:00 that evening, and I never showed up for the date. The very next day, he came in to my station, aiming for me like he was going to hit me. He started yelling, ‘Where were you?' He said, ‘If you want money, I've got money. What is it going to take to get you to go out with me?' and he took off. From then on, I would get voice messages, like, ‘I know where you're at' and ‘I'm still going to **** you until you're dead.'"

Sarah struggles to speak through her tears. "He told me that he was going to take everything while I was alive and cut it off of me. And he said he would do it slowly. He said he liked to see pain. When the police found Cheryl's body, they found his wallet next to it, and in his wallet was my name and address and everything in it. I lived in fear of this man for seven months. The man that I knew as Robert was actually the man that Cheryl was dating. His real name was Stephen Peter Morin. Stephen Peter Morin was a serial killer. Among a lot of other people, he killed my friend Cheryl Daniels. The police nicknamed him The Chameleon because of the way that he could change his appearance. They said that they knew of at least 37 women and men that he had killed."

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