"I have two boys, aged 15 and 9. Both suffer from encopresis. It's a condition where they're constipated to the point where the body pushes against the fecal material in their colon, and they don't stop to go to the bathroom," Doug explains. "The oldest has been suffering with it for 13 years. It started once, maybe twice a week. Then it was an everyday occurrence. Then it turned into multiple times a day."

His oldest son says, "I don't think my parents fully understand. I don't really either."

"The younger boy has been soiling his pants all along," Beth adds. "I walked into the kitchen and saw a nice chunk of B.M. sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor. I feel like I live in a giant germ house." 


The boys have had accidents everywhere " at church, shopping, while watching TV and during religion class. "Letting the boys go to a swimming pool is a scary thought," Doug says. "With both of them, I think they're aware that they need to control it at school, but once they walk out that door, I think it's time to relax, and they have an accident." 

"We just dread having anybody come over. The first thing that they're going to smell is dirty butt," Beth laments. 

Washing clothes has become a nightmare. "Beth has gotten upset with the amount of laundry that we have to do," Doug says. "On an average day, we do three, sometimes four, loads of laundry."

"We go through a lot of underwear. They get to the point that they're so soiled, we just throw them away. When they run out of underwear, they just go without, and then they soil their jeans," Beth divulges. "It's really hard to travel with a diaper bag when your kids are 9 and 15."

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