"Do you push her buttons on purpose?" Dr. Phil asks Dana.

"On purpose, no," she replies.

Dr. Phil takes her to task. "You said, ‘I push her buttons because that's the only way I can get a response out of her, get a reaction out of her,'" he says.

"OK, yeah," Dana concedes.

Dr. Phil mentions the names Dana has called her daughter and says, "You start out yelling."

"A lot of times, yes," Dana says, "because that seems to be the only thing she hears."

"Do you think you really are getting her attention?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, but ignoring it, I don't get any response either," Dana says.

Dr. Phil turns to Whitney and asks, "Do you acknowledge that you're being disrespectful and combative with your mother?"

"I do acknowledge it," she says.

Whitney has said that her mother picks on little things, like her being lazy, flunking out of school, hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking and being sexually active. "What do you expect her to do, say, ‘Good job'?" Dr. Phil asks. Whitney sits silent, so Dr. Phil jokingly asks Dana, "Is this when I yell to get her attention?"

"There's the brick wall that I deal with," Dana says. "What do I do?"

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