Dr. Phil introduces Chenese Lewis, who holds the title of Miss Plus America Lifetime. She won the Miss Plus America title in 2003 but was given the Lifetime award because of her dedication to being such a positive role model.

Chenese says, "First of all, I want to say that Sunni is beautiful " absolutely gorgeous " and I think she needs to be with a man who supports her and has her best interests at hand." She tells Sunni, "You want someone who's going to uplift you, and somebody who's going to be positive, not somebody who's going to tear you down. That's what enemies do, not boyfriends."

Chenese says that although the industry does tend to use models that are more average than plus size, it doesn't mean Sunni isn't able to do any modeling. She has some surprises for Sunni. She explains that Sunni will receive two VIP passes to the 2007 Miss Plus America Pageant in Dallas. The pageant encourages personal accomplishment, achievement, self-esteem, confidence and community involvement for women size 14 or greater. "You don't have to bring your boyfriend," she says. "We want you to view the pageant and see all the beautiful women and be inspired, and hopefully you'll come back in 2008 and be a contestant."


Also, Sydney's Closet will provide a formal gown for Sunni to wear to the final night of the pageant. "So you can be a full-figured diva just like you are." Chenese also invites Sunni to be a runway model in the National Organization for Women's Hollywood fashion show celebrating Love Your Body Day.

Sunni is delighted. "Oh, wow," she says.

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