A Heavy Burden

"My eldest son, Harrison, is 7 years old, and he weighs 152 pounds. I'm very concerned about my son's weight, and what impact that's going to have on him," frets Amy. 

Her husband, Tim, doesn't see their son's size as a problem. "I don't believe that there's any need to give him nothing but salad in order to save him," he says. "I think diet foods have a tendency to not be as nutritious for a growing kid." 
Since Tim does most of the shopping and meal preparation, Amy feels that he undermines her attempts to curb Harrison's obesity. "I'll ask him to pick up fresh vegetables for the children's snacks, but he'll bring home cookies, Oreos, chips, ice cream," she complains. 

"I will get the higher sugar, the better-tasting breakfast cereal, mainly because I know that they'll eat it," reveals Tim. "If I'm the one who's home all of the time taking care of the kids, then I believe it's my right to give them an extra cookie if I want to."

Amy fears her son is well on the road to morbid obesity. "I believe Timothy has his head in the sand when it comes to this issue. He doesn't see obesity as a health risk," she says. "I feel, as a mother and a parent, I am failing Harrison."

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