Inside the Mind of a Stalker

Dr. Phil addresses Katrina's dislike of Jay-Z's relationship with Beyoncé. "What gives you the right to inject yourself in somebody's life?" he asks.


"I just know that he would like what he sees if he were to see me," Katrina says.


Dr. Phil turns to Rhonda Saunders, a criminal prosecutor, for her opinion.

"There's a difference between a fan and a fanatic, and lady, you've crossed that line," Rhonda tells Katrina. "And if you don't watch what you're doing, you're going to wind up inside of a jail cell. This thing is escalating. It's not good for you; it's not good for him. And you're going to eventually wind up paying the price. You've got to stop, or there's going to be a police officer on your front door."

"This isn't a random opinion-giver. This is the prosecutor," Dr. Phil emphasizes. He points out that it wouldn't be difficult to prosecute Katrina at this point.

Rhonda agrees. "It could not only be stalking, but it can escalate into an assault. What happens if he marries Beyoncé? Are you going to go after Beyoncé? Are you going to make threats against her because she's taking away who you think is your man?"

"They would never get married," Katrina says.

"That is what's going on in your mind, but do you understand what's at stake for you? What you have to lose?" Rhonda asks. She points out that jails are smelly, dirty and dangerous, somewhere Katrina wouldn't enjoy being. "Understand, he doesn't want anything to do with you."

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