Inside the Mind of a Stalker

Katrina describes her stalking expertise. "If you want to get next to Jay-Z, go through his close associates: his best friend, his cousin, his sister. Everyone who is close to Jay-Z, I've stalked," Katrina admits. "My ex-boyfriend thought I was just nuts. And he got to the point where, ‘You choose me or Jay-Z,' and I chose Jay-Z."


Katrina tells Dr. Phil that she realizes, "It's something that I need to address."

Dr. Phil points out that Katrina even stalked one of Jay-Z's employees and sent her up to 200 e-mails a day.

"I would think if she knew Jay and was close to Jay, and if I talked to her, then I would be closer to Jay," Katrina explains.

Dr. Phil mentions that Katrina can't even spend time with her family, because she has to be home to check her e-mail in case Jay-Z responds. He shows Katrina a photo of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. "Is that painful for you to look at?" he asks. 

"I just think he's better off with me, because to me, she's just fake, and she's not giving her all and all to him," Katrina says.

"There's just something not right about her?" Dr. Phil questions, reminding her that she is writing numerous e-mails to a man she's never met.

"Well, I feel if I did meet him, that he would want me," she says.


Dr. Phil tells her she's obsessed with the unattainable. "If Jay-Z was going to meet a million people, you wouldn't be on the list, because you're on what's called a watch list. You show up, and you're going to be gone.'"

Katrina doesn't respond.

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