Let the Baby Cry?

Dr. Phil asks Robert if he hears his son's cries.


"Yeah," he says, "vaguely, I do."

"Because I know, moms do hear this," says Dr. Phil. He gestures toward Robin. "When ours were little, I swear she was like a world-class hurdler." Dr. Phil says Robin sleeps so soundly that some mornings it would take a blast from an EKG machine to wake her, but if the baby were to make a sound, "She's out of there like a shot! I mean, there's a receptor in there. So you realize that we're just wired differently in that regard?"

"Yeah," says Wendy, "I've been trying to re-wire him, so he can hear it."

Dr. Phil turns to Dr. Bob Sears. "What about this?" he asks. "Do you let them cry or do you not?"

"No, I don't think you should let a baby cry it out," says Dr. Sears, "and the most important thing is, Robert, who's getting up with the baby during the night, anyway? Wendy is. So what do you care what she does? Let her go in there. Wendy, I applaud you for listening to your instincts and your intuition and going to your baby."

"Thank you," says Wendy.

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