Let the Baby Cry?

 "My biggest fear is with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS, that I will walk in there and I will find my son not breathing," says Wendy, about her 4 ½-month-old son, Ethan. "SIDS does run in my family. I've had two cousins with young infant boys who have passed away."

Robert, Ethan's father, shows no such fear. "My wife, Wendy, is probably very paranoid over SIDS," he says. "Wendy's always at my throat about [how] I need to check on him more often."

Wendy and Robert's biggest arguments are over whether or not to let Ethan cry.

"I run into the nursery every time I hear the slightest noise from Ethan," Wendy explains. "I am up between four and five times a night to check on Ethan whenever he makes the slightest noise, so he might not be waking up completely, or anything like that, but if I hear him just whimper, it wakes me up immediately for me to kind of run in and check him, just to make sure he's OK. I feel like a bad mom when I let my baby cry. Which is better for Ethan, to let him cry it out or to comfort him when he's crying?"

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