Great School Debate

Parents want the best for their children, but what’s the best way to educate them? Dr. Phil’s guests face off in a debate about whether to school, homeschool or unschool.

To School or Not to School?

Addressing Joe, Dr. Phil says, " Are you worried you're running your own agenda here, because you didn't have a good school experience, right?"
"I wasn't great at certain subjects, but I was excelling at others. So, where math and science came easy, computers came easy, it was harder to read and write, and, of course I picked that up later."

"But at this point, you say learning is not the goal. You say living is the goal, and learning is the side effect," Dr. Phil observes. 

Dayna answers, "Learning is the goal all the time. They learn 24/7. They learn all day, every day. It's kind of a belief in how children learn. It's the belief that children learn when they're internally motivated, as opposed to somebody else's agenda. Education is not the goal of unschooling."

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