Dr. Phil offers them some professional help. Dyson says he'll participate in it, but he doesn't believe in it.

Dr. Phil reiterates to Rebecca, "And you understand, he was with someone Monday night."

"She knew it," Dyson says. "Her woman's intuition, after nine years, her radar is, like, amazing."

Rebecca explains, "What does he tell me? He was at his mother's and he can't sleep, so he came home. That was so sweet of him. Yeah, this is news to me."

Dyson gets upset. "I knew they would drop it on you, like, ‘Did you know this?' And I asked them not to say anything because I wanted to tell you after we had been through counseling ""

"You didn't ask me squat and I don't make deals, so it wouldn't matter," Dr. Phil responds.

Dyson argues with Dr. Phil that a producer promised him that they wouldn't tell Rebecca about the recent affair. Dr. Phil assures him that is not the case, and calls his producer out on stage, who confirms that no deals were made.

"No, this is bull****, Dr. Phil," Dyson says, angrily. "I'll be on here and I'll take the help if you want, but don't sell me down the river and say you didn't say that because that's bull****. I had a five minute conversation." He takes off his microphone and storms offstage.

"All right, then take a hike," Dr. Phil tells him.

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