Fifty and Fabulous!

Aging used to be a word that made women cringe, but now 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30. Along with his wife, Robin, Dr. Phil talks to some fantastic 50-somethings!

Faithful to the Children

"I'm founder and director of the Global Medical Relief Fund. I help children who are the victims of war or natural disasters," says Elissa.  


Her interest in helping children was piqued at a fundraiser for Bosnia. "After the fundraiser, I scheduled a meeting with the ambassador to Bosnia. He reached in his drawer and handed me this letter this boy had written to him. He had lost his two arms and legs to a land mine," she recalls. "After my meeting with the ambassador, my whole life turned around. I, fortunately, worked for an orthopedic surgeon. I said to him, 'Can you help him?' We both reached out together. We got together. We got prosthetic companies. We got a hospital. We got the airlines."


Elissa eventually brought the boy, Kenan, home to live with her. Now 24, Kenan is a spokesperson for her foundation, and a role model to many children. "I feel like she gave birth to me," he says. "Through meeting her and getting physical help, therapy, prosthetics, she also healed me mentally."

"Over the past 10 years, we've helped about 60 children," Elissa says. "I am so blessed. I have the Shriners Children's Hospital. They provide the prosthetics, the surgery and the rehabilitation for free, until the children are 21."


Elissa says her biggest obstacle is not having enough money, but she stays committed to her cause. "If you believe in something strong enough, then you're just going to go for it all the way," she says.

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