Homeless but Hopeful

Dr. Phil tells Heather that he will provide her with help in order to eliminate her panic and anxiety. He also tells the family that the folks at the Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation have arranged for the family to live in a three-bedroom, two-bath town home in their home town. And Posh Living is providing the family with furniture for the bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room.


"We're going to get real busy helping you get a job," Dr. Phil says to Manuel.


Dr. Phil explains to the family how the housing situation works. "This is not a charity situation. It's not something where we're giving you something for nothing," he says. "You're going to be paying for this place based on your ability to do so, and right now, that's nothing, and that's OK. But as you begin to get a paycheck and you begin to get on your feet, and you begin to get going, then adjustments will be made."

Heather breaks down and cries. The family is covered in smiles.

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