Homeless but Hopeful

"Have you been bad decision makers? Did you contribute to being in this predicament?" Dr. Phil asks Manuel and Heather.

"No," Manuel says.

"I don't really feel like my illness is something I chose," Heather says, noting that she has an anxiety-panic disorder.

Dr. Phil points out that Manuel and Heather are nice people and loving and caring parents, but they need to answer some tough questions. He addresses Manuel. "You quit the only paying job your family has, to come home and take care of her," Dr. Phil says. "But you can't really fix this problem."


"No," Manuel agrees.

"You go out and try to work all the time," Dr. Phil points out. "You had one job for nine months, and you quit before you had another one. Then you had a second job for three years, and you quit to take care of her. Then you had another job and got fired from it because you were late and another job you got fired from because you were late." Dr. Phil can't understand how Manuel can arrive at work late. "If this is your only job, if this is your priority, don't you need to make sure that you wake up and get to work?" he asks.


Manuel explains that once he gets up, he has to pack up the RV and situate the kids so they are safe when he is driving, which can take a long time. 

"So you have to get up earlier," Dr. Phil says.

"Right," Manuel agrees. "Two hours earlier, probably."

"I'm not saying it's easy," Dr. Phil says.

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