Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Dr. Phil introduces Greg and Estela to Moll Anderson, author of the book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life.


"One of the things we want to do is help this place feel right and new and fresh for both of y'all," Dr. Phil tells them. "And it's totally up to you, anything that is done or not done. We're going to do this with you, not to you. And make this where it doesn't have that same psychological pull to it that it's had before. And we've asked Moll to help us with that to work with you to really make this place feel right and feel like home and safe to you at the right time."

Moll says, "I really, truly believe that if we change this home, we can change your life, and your family, your children. Your strength is so incredible. I'm so moved by the strength you two had and how you fought. And what I want to do is take that strength and the love and the bond that you have as a family and infuse it in this house and bring it back to life."

"That's what I want," Estella says, tearfully. "Thank you. I feel happy and emotional that all this support from you, my family, especially [Greg], you know, it's amazing. What I've been through, trying to be strong for my family, and now here you guys are, trying to make me go back to this beautiful house that I love. So yeah, I will try. Thank you."

"We will do this the right way when you are ready. But there is no hurry, and you're in control. It's totally your call," Dr. Phil says.

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