Cult Confrontations

Imagine living in isolation without money, TV, cars, or contact with your family. That's what Dr. Phil's guests say they were forced to do in a bizarre religious sect.

A Mom in Mourning

Shortly after the crew arrives on the grounds of the cult, trouble begins. A bearded man warily approaches them. Harold reaches out to shake the man's hand, but the latter is not so hospitable. "What did you need?" the man asks. 

Harold tries to placate the stranger. "I'm a private investigator. I'm working with the Dr. Phil show. This lady's daughter joined y'alls group."


"There's nobody here," the man replies.

Paula shows the man a picture of her daughter. "This is my daughter. This is Stacy. Gracious River. I come from a long way. I came to see my daughter."

"She's not here."

"Help us out and tell us where," Harold asks.

"She doesn't live here," the man insists.

Harold repeats his query several times, and each time, the bearded man answers in the negative.

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