Cult Confrontations

Imagine living in isolation without money, TV, cars, or contact with your family. That's what Dr. Phil's guests say they were forced to do in a bizarre religious sect.

A Mom in Mourning

Dr. Phil arranges for Paula to travel to the group's compound with one of the nation's top private investigators and former FBI agent, Harold Copus. This is a risky undertaking because the cult is located in an isolated area of New Mexico.


As Paula packs her bags, she reflects on her mission. "We're going to see Stacy. I'm so nervous. I wonder what kept her for all these years. All I can think about is seeing her," she muses. 

In the hotel room, Harold informs Paula and several Dr. Phil producers that there is no cell phone service, and no way to call for help, if things come unraveled at the compound. "We've got no reason to think we have a problem," he says. "Let's just say it does go bad on us. There is no cell phone coverage. I just want you to know our ability to get help is zero."

Paula's emotions run high at the prospect of reuniting with Stacy. "Here we go. The moment of truth," she says. "She's my first born. I'm going to hope for the best. I'm ready to do it."

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