Cult Confrontations

Imagine living in isolation without money, TV, cars, or contact with your family. That's what Dr. Phil's guests say they were forced to do in a bizarre religious sect.

A Mom in Mourning

Holding up a picture, Paula says, "This is my daughter, Stacy. She's in a cult. I've seen her once in 10 years.


"After college, Stacy got a job in Missouri. Brian, her now husband, was working there. He started talking with her about religion and things like that," Paula continues. "Stacy told me she had gone to one of these prayer meetings, and there was a prophet there. She said, 'Mom, the prophet told me that I'm going to marry Brian, and you're going to have a son within a year.' Less than seven months after Stacy and Brian met, I got a phone call and she said, 'Mom, by the way, we're getting married next Saturday. You can come if you want to.' It was in a little country church, and it was a frightening experience. This was more like a funeral. The wedding service was like hellfire and damnation."


Shortly after the wedding, Paula learned that her daughter had joined the group Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps in New Mexico. She received a disturbing letter from Stacy. "'Do not try to contact me and please leave me alone. Let me go and live my own life the way I want to,'" she remembers. "I fell to the floor and sobbed."

Stacy's sister, Wendy, chimes in, "It was almost like somebody else was writing it for her, or standing over her shoulders."

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