Alex Turns 18

Whenever Dr. Phil walks down the street, people ask: "What's going on with Marty, Erin, Alex and Katherine?" He follows up with his divided family, and also with the anorexic bride whose husband ended their marriage over the phone.

Single and Satisfied

April admits that she's having trouble dating successfully. "I have been reading your book Love Smart," she tells Dr. Phil. "I have no problem dating, meeting people, going out. It's a great time, but once that second or third date comes around and they want to know, 'Why are you divorced?' I don't know."

"How are you doing on handling the stress?" Dr. Phil asks.


"It's very stressful," she replies. "When you have an eating disorder, it takes over your life. You can have relapse behavior. I think my problem now is grieving that eating disorder."


"Are you being open, honest, and transparent about everything concerning your disease?"  


"So you're not misleading anybody?" Dr. Phil probes. "You're telling everybody the truth? You are being right up front about it?"


"Yes," she replies. 


Dr. Phil is unconvinced. "I have been doing this for a long time. My 'Uh-oh meter' is going off really big," he cautions her. "I asked you several questions: 'Have you been honest? Have you been transparent? Are you telling people the truth about where you are with your eating disorder?' You were really too quick to say yes, and you wouldn't look me in the eye when you did."

April gives a surprised smile.


"Did you eat yesterday?" Dr. Phil asks. "Did you eat today?" 

She responds, "I ate a little bit yesterday. Not much today, no."

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