Alex Turns 18

Whenever Dr. Phil walks down the street, people ask: "What's going on with Marty, Erin, Alex and Katherine?" He follows up with his divided family, and also with the anorexic bride whose husband ended their marriage over the phone.

Single and Satisfied

When April was last on the show, she confronted her estranged husband to see if he would be willing to give their marriage one last chance. Dr. Phil saw clearly that it was time for her to call it quits. April served her husband with divorce papers in the green room. Now, she admits to having trouble adjusting to life as an ex.


"OK, so the divorce is not final?" Dr. Phil asks April.

"No," she says with a laugh.

"Because you knew when you signed them and handed them to him that they had to be notarized," he clarifies.


"Yes. I mean he didn't read them, so I just let him go on his merry way," she chuckles. "That was our deal: I'd sign, and that was that. I just wanted him to just feel stupid."

Dr. Phil addresses his audience at home. "Guys, doesn't that send a chill up your spine? She is so cute and innocent, and she is saying, 'Yeah, I knew. I wanted to make the boy sweat,'" he jokes.

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