Spousal Snooping

"I smell my husband's clothes on a regular basis, to see if there's perfume from other women. I go through Shannon's wallet to see if there are any names and numbers of other women. I constantly check Shannon's hand to see if he's got his wedding ring on," she explains.

"Christie monitors my showers because she wants to make sure that I'm not cleaning up for another woman. I have no privacy whatsoever. Christie is always in my space," he says.


"I've driven around to see if Shannon is in places where he shouldn't be. I snoop in his truck to find papers, names, phone numbers, letters, things that a woman may have left in there," she says.

"Christie has found hair in the truck, but they belong to my daughter, or her," says Shannon. "I am already looking for places to stay. That's how close I am to leaving my wife."

"After Shannon's father passed away, he had an emotional affair," says Christie. She begins to cry. "I can't stop. I don't know why I do the things that I do."


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