Spousal Snooping

"I don't trust my husband, Shannon, so I have to spy on him all the time," says Christie, about her spouse of nine years. "I ask him 50 to 100 questions a day:  Where did you go? Who were you with? Who all was there? How many women were there? Did you flirt with them? Did they flirt with you? Did you miss me? Do you still love me like you used to?"

"My wife, Christie's, snooping is so out of control, I'm ready to pack up and leave," says Shannon.

"I check Shannon's cell phone bill to see if there are any unrecognizable phone numbers, and I check every number," says Christie.

"If there are any there that she doesn't know, she will call them, and if a woman answers on the other line, she will interrogate them," says Shannon. "Christie will get into my e-mail and read all my e-mails, even the spam."

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