Dr. Phil explains that Lauren was invited to be a part of the show, but she declined. She sent a statement that Dr. Phil reads. "She says, 'I am an honest person. I have never lied to Matt about anything. My focus is on providing a nurturing home for our baby. I am disappointed that Matt has decided not to participate in Elizabeth's life so far, and has instead chosen to contest any responsibility from our consensual actions last year. I believe life begins at conception and blossoms. I take responsibility for my acts and will do my best, as an adult and a mother, to protect and provide for our daughter,'" he reads. He addresses Matt. "Your point is that she is not taking responsibility because she is asking you to take responsibility?"


"That is correct," Matt says.


"Is anyone here concerned about the baby? I mean, we have an 8-month-old baby," Dr. Phil says. "Is there any doubt that it is your baby?


"No," Matt says, but notes, "This is not my child. I never made a choice to be a father in this situation. I believe this child should have gone up for adoption. That was my choice."


"What's in the best interest of a child in this situation might be adoption. Instead of one parent and money, maybe two parents who want to be involved and have the resources and the desire to take care of that child," Mel says.


"In theory, you are right," Dr. Phil says. "In actuality, this child does exist with your DNA."

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