"It seems to me that one could say you made a choice when you decided to have unprotected sex," Dr. Phil points out.


Matt agrees, but explains, "She made that same choice, but then she is given options that I am not given. She's given the option to put the child up for adoption, to abort the child, to simply give the child away, whereas I'm faced with whatever she decides to choose."


"I am not sure it is fair to say he had unprotected sex," Mel interjects. "She told him she could not get pregnant due to a medical condition, and she was taking birth control pills."


"Did you wear a condom?" Dr. Phil asks Matt.


"Initially, we did," Matt says.


"But you weren't wearing a condom, eventually?" Dr. Phil probes. Matt agrees. "That's unprotected sex."


"I think whenever a man and a women go into the bedroom and lock the door behind them, they create within that space an impenetrable privacy. It's the ultimate privacy, and I think they should have a right, in that private space, to decide, if they want to, to make love without making a baby. That's a moral choice, and because it's such a personal choice, it should not expire the minute there is contraceptive failure," Mel contends.

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