"From the beginning, I had told her very clearly that at this point in my life, there is no way I could be a father. She informed me that she had a condition where she could not get pregnant. She also informed me that she was on the pill for other medical conditions," explains Matt Dubay. His ex-girlfriend, Lauren, became pregnant anyway, and now he must pay $500 in child support every month. "When a pregnancy occurs, women are given options; men are not. They are forced into whatever the woman decides she's going to do."


Matt's lawyer, Jeff Cojocar, filed a suit in federal court citing Roe v. Wade on privacy and invasion of privacy. "We are dealing with privacy rights for men and women," Jeff says.


"Forcing me to be a father financially, mentally, and physically is definitely not something that I feel is fair," Matt says.


Matt, along with Jeff and the director of the National Center for Men, Mel Feit, join Dr. Phil onstage. Dr. Phil asks Matt why he has looked to these men for help.


"I was given no choice in an unplanned pregnancy. I was denied the choice that women are given every day," Matt says.  

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