"My sister and I have been locked in competition all our lives, vying to outdo the other," says 46-year-old Jennifer. "It's like a boxing match." She and her twin sister, Judy, compete over everything, including who's prettier, skinnier and smarter. "I'm the prettiest. I was the most popular. I'm nicer."


"It is hard work when you're an identical twin, but we are competition freaks," admits Judy. "My sister plays dirty ... She's a barracuda. We are rivals in a rivalry I never wanted to be part of. If I didn't compete, she would bury me alive." When the women were children, Judy says Jennifer would willingly get up and clean the house in order to win their mother's affection. "Everything is about one-upmanship."


Jennifer agrees. "I picked up knitting to be my grandmother's favorite. My mom would always call me Miss America; my twin was the dirtball," she explains. Jennifer also made the cheerleading squad when Judy didn't, and her first boyfriend was a guy that Judy liked first. "I'm the one who went after him and got him," she says, proudly. Jennifer tells of hitting a police officer in his car and blaming it on Judy. "That was bad."


"I did a one-upmanship when I was a senior. I was prom queen. She only made it to the court — got ya," says Judy, who joined the military and never had children, while her sister got married and had four. "I didn't have children because I feared it would only fuel the competition." She even admits that the constant competing led to her first divorce. "He hated when I would go see my twin and go, 'Ooh, I like how she looks.'"


Their latest competition is over who looks younger. Immediately after Judy had botox and eye lift surgery, she sent the pictures to Jennifer. "I thought I was going to grow old gracefully, but I am obsessed at not letting my twin sister beat me," Judy admits.

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