"He then changed it to, 'Well, they really didn't want to spoil anyone's upcoming holiday season, so it would still take place, but it would now be before New Year's,'" says Beth. "And then, as we were getting closer to New Year's a quote from Steve was, 'Well, we just don't want to be too optimistic to the point of being silly that the suspects will be re-interrogated.'" Joran van der Sloot departed for Holland on the 30th or 31st of December, and the interrogations never took place.

"I guess they lost focus of the fact that Beth and David lost a daughter," says John, "that it's their first holiday without their daughter, and the pain, and suffering and anguish they're going through."  


John says that after the New Year he spoke to Karen Janssen, the prosecutor. She indicated that her people never had any intention of bringing the three suspects in. What the prosecutors had done was to extend a written invitation to the three boys to come in to answer questions if they were so inclined.

"What wound up happening with the interrogation of the suspects was absolutely nothing," Beth says indignantly.

"The Aruban authorities taunted [Natalee's family], they've teased them, they've raised expectations with absolutely no results ever coming from their investigation, and all it does is cause hurt, frustration, anger and pain to the family," says John.

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