Beth Twitty has been on the show twice to discuss the case of her missing teenage daughter, Natallee Holloway, once in September, and again in November.

Here's what has transpired since.

Beth reveals that since she was last on the show, she sought the help of attorney John Quinlan Kelly. 


John describes making a trip to Aruba, where he met with deputy chief Dompig and Karen Janssen, the island's assistant prosecutor. "I spent a lot of time clearing the air," he says.

"Shortly after," Beth recounts, "a man by the name of Steve Cohen announced that the suspect would be re-interrogated. He said this would take place within the next 10 days," which would put the interrogation before Christmas.

An audio tape from that period confirms. Cohen says, "Joran will be arriving back in Aruba in the next 24 to 48 hours. It is expected that he will be re-questioned somewhere in the next 10-day period."

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